Thank you for your interest in our mobile apps.. the following instructions will guide you through the installation and first time use of our mobile app on your device.

For Apple Devices, you can use the link above or access the App Store and search for Lincoln National Bank Mobile.

The icon for our Apple app is:

For Android Devices, you can use the link above or access the Play Store and search for LNB Mobile.

The icon for our Android app is:

Once installed, begin the initial set up process by launching the app.

The Splash screen will be displayed while your device loads the application.

After the splash screen, you will be taken to the launch screen.

This will be the default screen you will come to once the app has loaded. From here you chose what action you would like to take.

You will not be prompted to log in until you access a screen that requires authentication (ie, Accounts, History, Transfers).

To access you account information, you will be required to log in.

Since this is your first time accessing the app you will need to register your device.

For existing internet banking users, please follow these instructions.

If you are a new user, please follow these instructions.