Lincoln National Bank offers a wide variety of loans and at very competitive rates.
Loans currently offered are:
    ♦ Installment Loans
    ♦ Commercial Loans
    ♦ Commercial Real Estate Loans
    ♦ Home Equity Loans
    ♦ New Car Loans
    ♦ Agricultural Loans
    ♦ Home Mortgage Loans
    ♦ Revolving Credit Loans
Lincoln National Bank also offers Secondary Market Loans with a fixed rate of various maturities.
The following loan types are available:
    ♦ Veterans Administration (VA) Loans
    ♦ Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) Loans

Attach a line of credit to your checking account.
You "write" your own loans..
Applications may be obtained from the loan department and are subject to approval

For more information, please call 270-358-4116 or 502-348-0562 and ask to speak to any one of our loan officers